Product search & purchase method

The language of the image used for the explanation is an example set in Japanese. Set it to the language you are using your customers as needed.

1. Click Shop on the top page for product search. On your smartphone, click Shop in the Humber Menu.

2. In the search method, there is a "keyword search" "product category" "price band" "Color" and can be searched in combination. There are "alphabetical order" and "new arrival order" and "sale products" for sorting methods. Click the product image to move to the product page.

Product search method

3. On the product page, it is possible to magnify the product image with mouse over (PC) and pinch out (smartphone). Click Add to Cart to get into your cart. If you would like to go to a payment page without taking a hurry customer or cart, click "Buy at 〇 (the display depends on your customers)" "Different payment method", "Buy Now" etc. . Please enter the settlement page so please enter your required items and complete your purchase.

4. When purchasing from a cart, you can check the contents by purchasing a cart button.

5. If you want to delete a cart product, click the Delete button. Change the quantity if you want to change the quantity. When specifying time, specifyTo purchase procedureClick on the button. If you are using various electronic money, click the various payment link buttons under the "Purchase procedure" to settle it.

6. I will move to the settlement page so please enter and check the required items and click "Pay Now". We adopt credit card settlement conforming to PCI DSS for our shop security. If you have any questions, please ask questions by email.